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Value Adding
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Project Management

- Applying Hoshin in the production processes (workstations balancing, waste time elimination, production flexibility increasing)
- 5S (tool for creating lean production environment)
- Poka-Yoke, (failure proof working methods, and product planning)
- "Pull” systems in the production Kan-Ban, “one piece flow” design

- Analysing the production flow in operation points out the unbalances in the production which will drive the productivity and efficiency of the production flow down. Balancing the current cycle times we can reduce the internal lead times, reduce the Work in Process, resulting visible production processes.
- We also can provide production work flow diagrams, and layout plans for production startup, including material moving equipment specification, designed for the requirements of our clients.
- Highlighting the relationship between the logistic flow and the product-process quality; the working environment and the efficiency, and pointing out their interaction in the day-to-day business.

Logi-Kom leads its customer to reach lean production criteria.


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