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Project Management

- Layout planning for components, raw material-, WIP-, finished goods warehouses; restructuring the workflow; and increasing its capacity.
- Measuring, increasing of the utility of existing warehouses.

Applied tools in the warehousing:

- Warehousing subsystems like receiving, put away activities, picking can be accelerated by using process analysing tools, such as PDA Process Depth Analysis, 5S while their accuracy is also improved.
- The punctuality and reliability of the warehousing activities can be tremendously increased by ergonomic investigation.
- Analysing the turning speed and physical features of the stored goods, we can determine the most suitable storing way of them. On one hand, this leads us to high warehouse space utilisation, on the other hand saves the quality of the goods during the whole material movement flow.

The rules and constrains of ISO, QS9000, VDA certifications requirements; FIFO and trace ability requirements; goods and labour safety instructions are taken into consideration in all the warehouse planning steps Logi-Kom is expected to do.

 We supply layouts, workflow process maps in a case of new warehouse planning or remodelling of an existing one, however we are pleased to manage the whole warehouse creation project, including: initial analysis, layout planning, racking specification, MHE specification, implementation, trial run etc.


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